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About The Company

I’d like to start out by saying: 199x Productions is not your average marketing company. The goal isn’t to make money or be my own boss. The goal is to build lasting relationships with my clients. The goal is to give my clients a voice through platforms like social media, videos, and other forms of digital art. Although you may think marketing is so public, in my eyes, it’s such a hidden industry. You see the product, you see the service, whatever your business is. But do you see the people behind the company? I want to change that. I want your company to shine through your posts, videos, logo, whatever you’re putting out there. It is so important to trust the company you buy from or use their services. I’m going to help your clients know you, trust you, and love you.

About Me

My name Alexis (Alye) Pollack and I am the founder of 199x Productions. I’ve been in the marketing industry since 2016. I’ve worked in social media management, videography, photography, website design, and general business marketing.  I’ve wanted to start my own business for years now, but during the Coronavirus pandemic, I decided it was time to open 199x Productions and offer my skills and experience to small businesses in New England. 

Why "199x Productions"?

Since the beginning, I’ve gotten a lot of questions on why I chose the name that I did. As someone born in 1997, I recognize the importance of being a “90s Kid”. We’re too old to be Gen Z, and too young to be Millennials. I take pride in the fact that us 90s kids see businesses and brands differently. We grew up playing outside until dark but came in to message our friends on AOL instant messenger. We have the practicality of being offline but the skills and knowledge of being online.

So that’s where it came together. 199x (90s kid mentality) + Productions (everything I do is something I’ve produced).

alye pollack

90s Kids See Your Brand

We strive to get your voice heard.

When having to choose between two companies, which would you choose? The company with no social media, a boring logo, and a lifeless website? Or the company that shows their employees in videos, gets personal through social media posts, and has a website that draws in their users? If you chose the latter, why not set your company up for the success that comes with that?

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